Marking Milestones

Since the pandemic started, Kedma has expanded its programming because strengthening communal ties are more necessary during the age of the coronavirus than ever before.

Marking Milestones connects families and individuals to Israeli causes by tapping into Kedma’s extensive network of non-profits in Israel. We elevate milestone events by integrating volunteering (both in person and remotely) to celebrations and connecting people all over the world to our robust network of non-profit organizations throughout Israel that work with all segments of society. These connections not only make a difference in Israeli society, but also impact the individuals celebrating the milestone and add meaning to their celebrations. After months on end of quarantine, sickness, and isolation, it is critical to both celebrate the good times and strengthen our communities. In our post-Corona world, Marking Milestones recognizes these imperatives and connects them seamlessly.

Join us as we celebrate, make a difference, and strengthen our ties to each other. For more information please contact

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